GOB5N3VH5.3Chief of Visual Information

John Wayne Liston

Madigan Army Medical Center Commander

It’s been just under two months since I joined the team at Madigan Army Medical Center. I am simply proud to work with a health care team that puts you, the patient, first in everything that we do. We plan to continue to exceed the expectations of our service members, retirees and families.

Published: 12:43PM September 3rd, 2015

As the 39th Chief of Staff stated in his initial message to the Army, readiness is his number one priority — and there is no other number one. In a time when manning levels are down and readiness is our paramount priority, our Army continues to lose Soldiers to suicide, with 135 Soldiers taking their own lives last year.

Published: 12:43PM September 3rd, 2015

Growing up as a military child, I knew separation could be extremely hard and hit at any time. Looking back, I now know how alone my mother felt whenever my father went on deployments or TDY. It seems like an eternity waiting for your loved one to return home so you aren’t carrying all the weight on your shoulders.

Published: 12:48PM August 27th, 2015

The 2004 tsunami that devastated part of the Southeast Asia gave birth to the Pacific Partnership. The U.S. government’s expeditionary response to the needs of the region resulted in extraordinary humanitarian aid, known at the time as Operation Unified Endeavor.

Published: 12:42PM August 27th, 2015

In a survey conducted last year by the Pew Research Center, Facebook remains by far the most popular social media site. As a member of the military, and for family members of service members, it is more important than ever to remain vigilant of operational security.

Published: 12:40PM August 20th, 2015

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the commander of the 62nd Airlift Wing. I have witnessed firsthand your outstanding performance and attitudes over this first month and a half of command.

Published: 11:59AM August 13th, 2015

Health is a critical enabler of readiness, and Army Medicine is a valuable partner in keeping our forces strong and deployable. Over the past 13 years of intense global conflict, Soldiers and families, supported by the Army Medical Department, have demonstrated remarkable resilience.

Published: 11:49AM August 13th, 2015

When my husband and I were in the dating stages of our relationship, I was trying, unsuccessfully, to quit smoking.

Published: 12:25PM August 6th, 2015

I would like to congratulate the joint base command team of Col. Chuck Hodges, U.S. Army, and Col. Tony Davit, U.S. Air Force.

Published: 01:29PM July 30th, 2015

Over the past three weeks, I Corps participated in Talisman Sabre 15, an exercise designed to improve our interoperability with our Australian Defence Force counterparts. This was U.S. Pacific Command’s largest exercise, involving more than 30,000 participants to include our sister-services as well as a civilian component.

Published: 10:17AM July 23rd, 2015

I recently served as the deployed wing commander for Exercise Patriot Warrior 2015 at Fort McCoy, Wis. This is the Air Force Reserve Command’s largest field exercise and is part of the Army’s Global Medic exercise. It is held at a true bare-base, built from the ground up by the exercise participants, supporting patient movement and aeromedical evacuation flight operations.

Published: 12:39PM July 16th, 2015

Bringing in new equipment and skill sets to a unit requires careful planning and execution. It is especially difficult when the equipment and skills required to use it no longer exist within the command.

Published: 12:25PM July 16th, 2015

The evolution of the Internet, social media and other electronic communications media over the last decade has altered how people communicate and interact. Protected by a sense of anonymity and lack of accountability, some individuals in society are participating in inappropriate and potentially harmful interactions using electronic communications.

Published: 12:46PM July 9th, 2015

So far we’ve had a great start to our Critical Days of Summer campaign, with zero fatalities. With your help, we’ll stay that way.

Published: 12:46PM July 9th, 2015

After nearly two years of serving as your Madigan Army Medical Center commander, it is time for me to pass the torch to new leadership. We’ve made quite a bit of progress these past couple of years in how we care for you, our patients, by focusing on improving your satisfaction with your medical care here.

Published: 01:10PM July 6th, 2015

Over the past few months, we have conducted numerous ceremonies that signify the change in leaders for the battalions and brigades of the 7th Infantry Division. This transition is part of the cycle of the Army, saying farewell to great leaders and welcoming in new ones.

Published: 12:35PM June 25th, 2015

I have no doubt that a smile is a powerful tool. However, recent events, both professionally and personally, opened my eyes to the fact many people hide behind a smile.

Published: 12:30PM June 25th, 2015

This morning, before I sat down to work on this commentary, I was packing up some of my things in the TLF — trying to make sure I could fit everything in the car as I get ready for the long trip cross-country. There’s a pretty good chance that my household goods shipment is already in Washington, D.C. — my next duty station after I change command.

Published: 10:48AM June 18th, 2015

Changes we’ve been making locally and across 20 western states are taking shape to make the medical services available through Army Medicine and the Puget Sound military health system easier to access and more convenient.

Published: 10:37AM June 18th, 2015

Around the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride is often celebrated with parties, parades, fun and festivities. The LGBT community and its allies come together in support of equality, freedom and the movement for civil rights.

Published: 10:36AM June 18th, 2015

As Armed Forces Community Service gets set to celebrate 50 years of existence, it is time to reflect on how it came to exist in the first place. All things exist because there is a pioneer, creator, inventor, founder or a mother behind it. For AFCS her name is Lt. Col. Emma Marie Baird.

Published: 10:38AM June 11th, 2015

Sometimes, all of my identities get hard to handle. No, I’m not a superhero with an alter-ego, but I do wear quite a few different hats. I am an active-duty Airman, I am a mom, I am a daughter, I am a sister and I also happen to be the spouse of an active-duty service member.

Published: 10:36AM June 11th, 2015

As you begin to plan for your deployment, you realize that you have a number of matters to take care of before you leave. One of your major concerns is what to do with your vehicle. As you consider what to do with your car, you identify three options.

Published: 10:35AM June 11th, 2015

When Unity Bridge opened May 4, one person referred to it on the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Facebook page as, “A flawless transition between the two bases.”

Published: 10:35AM June 11th, 2015

A military flatbed truck loaded with containers hit the Pendleton Avenue-I-5 underpass on the Lewis Main side of the underpass during rush-hour traffic June 4.

Published: 01:53PM June 4th, 2015

There are two distinct types of Airmen who serve: those who are here to make a difference (MAD) and those who are selfish and distracting (SAD).

Published: 01:53PM June 4th, 2015

Much like ancestry is part of who you are, lineage is part of any military unit. Knowing our units’ lineages and their historical achievements grounds us as service members. It also helps us understand our strengths and weaknesses, to build an enduring unit culture, and plan for future success.

Published: 01:41PM May 28th, 2015

Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, recently passed away at the age of 91. Given Lee’s stature and standing, all of us at U.S. Embassy Singapore expected a large state funeral and a high-level U.S. delegation would be named and arriving soon — the funeral was just a few short days away.

Published: 01:25PM May 28th, 2015

If you’re a noncommissioned officer or have NCOs working for you, this article applies to you. As you’ve probably heard, big changes are coming. We need to be ready.

Published: 01:33PM May 21st, 2015

Army doctrine defines mission command as “the exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commander’s intent to empower agile and adaptive leaders in the conduct of unified land operations.”