Staff Sgt. Russ Jackson

Capt. Amanda Turcotte, 627th FSS sustainment flight commander, briefs her Airmen about their running route July 16 at JBLM. Turcotte fought, and prevailed, in reviews by two medical evaluation/separation boards.

62nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Life is not a smooth road; it’s bumpy and full of obstacles. In the Air Force, how Airmen deal with the challenges they face depends on how resilient they are.

Published: 11:00PM July 24th, 2014

The Army is creating a standard marketplace of tactical communications hardware to support the Common Operating Environment initiative and deliver a familiar and intuitive experience for Soldiers.

Published: 11:00PM July 24th, 2014

The Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. held their 69th annual convention in Seattle Saturday to elect new leadership and board members.

Published: 11:00PM July 24th, 2014

The 20th CBRNE Command, the U.S. Army’s only formation tasked with integrated chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive ordnance disposal operations, demonstrated its readiness, agility and adaptability during Exercise Atropian Phoenix in June.

Published: 11:00PM July 24th, 2014

Service members and their families can be easy targets for scammers, and financial education is key to prevention, the deputy director of the Pentagon’s office of family policy and children and youth said.

Published: 11:00PM July 24th, 2014

The next phase in the Madigan Pharmacy updates will be implemented in the upcoming days, and patient awareness of the changes will help to lessen both confusion and wait times.

Published: 11:00PM July 24th, 2014

Choosing to serve your nation is an honor and a privilege for many, although it is not without its hardships, such as long hours, deployments to faraway places, and time away from loved ones.

Published: 05:30PM July 17th, 2014

For years, the word green has been associated with the U.S. Army. However, with the implementation of renewable energy initiatives, the Army has shared its “green” characteristics while taking on the challenges of “going green.”

Published: 05:25PM July 17th, 2014

In August, Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, will welcome a new Canadian member to the team.

Published: 11:16AM July 11th, 2014

U.S. forces in Baghdad have opened a joint operations center in the city to assess the security situation in the wake of the rapid territorial gains made by Sunni militants, bringing the number of American service members there to about 500, Defense Department officials said today.

Published: 04:53PM July 3rd, 2014

Soldiers from the Republic of Korea Army participated in Exercise Atropian Phoenix at this Mojave Desert training facility this week.

Published: 03:50PM July 3rd, 2014

Plans don’t always work out and adjustments need to be made, but a sunny disposition and willingness to change course can still get you to your goal.

Published: 03:54PM July 3rd, 2014

“Practice makes perfect,” a simple but effective concept. While preparing for an upcoming training event, the 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command conducted its first staff exercise at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, June 23 to 27.

Published: 05:09PM June 19th, 2014

Stryker Brigade Soldiers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, are in for a hot, dry, and dusty June.

Published: 10:38AM April 16th, 2014

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SHANK, Afghanistan— The tell is small and subtle, but every Soldier knows that the shoulder sleeve insignia, or “combat patch,” worn on the right sleeve denotes service in a combat zone.

Published: 10:46AM January 9th, 2014

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan — Many leaders in today’s army have graduated from the United States Military Academy. It is not uncommon then, during a time of war, for classmates to run into each other while down range. There was an uncommon occurrence, however, this past month when the 130th Engineer Brigade arrived in Afghanistan to assume responsibility of the Theater Engineer Brigade (TEB) from the 555th Engr. Bde.

Published: 12:58PM September 23rd, 2013

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Army Special Forces Soldiers have helped shape the future of Afghanistan during a critical turning point in the fight against insurgents in the Nimroz and Helmand provinces since their arrival in May 2013.

Published: 03:06PM September 17th, 2013

KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan – The vehicles and construction equipment were caked in sludge and dust. The Soldiers of 617th Engineer Company “Trailblazers” were covered in dirt with sweat dripping from their faces as they returned each evening from their five day mission repairing a vital access road in the Khost Province.

Published: 04:00PM September 3rd, 2013

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — The Soldiers of 555th Engineer Brigade Headquarters, Joint Task Force Triple Nickel, may be only a month away from concluding their deployment, but there are no signs of slowing down in the unit that since February has overseen U.S. military engineer operations throughout Afghanistan.

Published: 03:50PM September 3rd, 2013

PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Field fielding is a term that often triggers visualizations reminiscent of Charles Dickens’s soup kitchen with a large, sweaty man serving miniscule amounts of soup while laughing when asked to serve more. For others, memories surface of the old lunch lady barely acknowledging your thank-you while she slops on what appears to be mashed potatoes beside your unknown source of meat. For the 864th Engineer Battalion, stationed out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, small portions and grumpy servers are nowhere to be found during their field feeding operations on Forward Operating Base (FOB) Sharana, Regional Command East Afghanistan.