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Help with uncontested marital dissolutions available

JBLM Legal Assistance Office

Published: 12:48PM November 15th, 2012

If you and your spouse agree on all dissolution issues, your Legal Assistance Office may be able to create your uncontested dissolution documents for you.

You would need to meet with a legal assistance attorney who will walk you through all of the issues in dissolution. First, the attorney will determine if a Washington Court has the power to hear your case. Second, the attorney will help you understand how and why property and debt is divided in dissolution. Third, the attorney will explain why spousal maintenance may or may not be appropriate in your case. Fourth, the attorney will explain some examples and make suggestions for your parenting plan.

Finally, the attorney will explain how to work through a child support calculation. If you and your spouse agree about all these issues and have been married less than 10 years, you likely qualify for the pro se uncontested dissolution program.

You would be given a worksheet to work through all the dissolution issues at home with your spouse. At any time in the process, you or your spouse can get more advice from a military attorney—but you cannot both be seen at the same legal assistance office. One of you will go to Building 2027 on Lewis Main and the other to Building 100 on McChord Field. Using advice from your respective attorneys, you should be able to work out an agreement which is acceptable to both of you.

Once you have an agreement, you will meet with your attorney again for a final review. If the agreement completely covers all of the issues, your documents will be forwarded for preparation by office staff. Once prepared, you will be presented with a set of all the documents and instructions you will need to file and complete your dissolution. The dissolution case can then be filed at the Pierce County Superior Court for $290.

You must wait 90 days after filing before you can schedule a final hearing in uncontested cases. Where there are children, each parent must attend a mandatory parenting seminar as well. To complete the dissolution, you (or your spouse) will have to attend a final hearing to present your documents to the judge for review and signature.