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New year’s resolution: Day 1

Hundreds join fun during annual JBLM aerobathon

Published: 09:29AM January 10th, 2013
New year’s resolution: day 1

Scott Hansen/Northwest Guardian

Nearly 200 participants turned out for the Seventh Annual JBLM Aerobathon Jan. 5 at Soldiers Field House on JBLM Lewis Main. Six instructors led classes during the three-hour event.

Nearly 200 people woke early Saturday to line up in the Soldiers Field House gym.

The JBLM sports and fitness center served as the venue for the Seventh Annual JBLM Aerobathon, a popular January event that highlights the free floor aerobics and cycling classes on base.

“Some people want it offered more often, but we decided to keep it once a year because it’s special and something to look forward to,” event organizer and fitness instructor Sharon Morejon said. “The beginning of the year seems like a great time with all the New Year resolutions. It’s a fun way to get people’s energy level back up after the holidays and get them excited about our program.”

In years past the event has taken place at Wilson Sports and Fitness Center on Lewis North, but because of conflict with a redeployment ceremony, the classes were moved to the gym on Lewis Main.

The gym floor was lined with rows of aerobathoners starting at 9 a.m., with Soldier and volunteer fitness instructor Annie Gurrola starting off the morning with a 30-minute warmup and Zumba workout.

During the three-hour event, six instructors each taught a 30-minute class, with the most popular Zumba class taught three times.

“It seems to be the it class right now,” Sharon Morejon said. “I think it’s so popular because most people can dance.”

Morejon followed Gurrola, throwing punches in her fast-paced cardio kickboxing class. Other volunteer instructors highlighted lower body workouts and yoga.

By the time instructor Ashley Gammons stepped on stage to lead her lower body workout following three other classes, the aerobathoners, including Daniel Sieker, started to feel the burn.

The Soldier with the 62nd Medical Brigade arrived last month and the JBLM Aerobathon served as his first event out in the community. Sieker has been active in Zumba for years, but said Gammons’ work out was tough.

Some patrons selected to participate in individual classes of the event, while others, like Sieker, stuck it out for the full three hours of exercise.

Sharon Buckley, retired Air Force and a Red Cross volunteer, has attended the event in years past and was glad to be back this year after missing last January.

“This keeps me sane,” she said.

While the floor aerobics took place in the gym, instructors also led three hours of cycling classes in the cycle room.

Morejon is already looking ahead to next year’s event and considering using a 1980s theme.

“The 80s was a fun time for aerobics,” she said.