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‘The Experience’ is coming to JBLM

Published: 02:43PM February 28th, 2013

“Hello and welcome to JBLM, my name’s Col. Chuck Hodges; how may I help you?”

Whether you are driving on to JBLM for the very first time, or you are coming on base for the millionth time, your drive through the gate should be professional — but a pleasant one.

Whether you are a new military spouse getting your very first ID card, or you’re getting your retired ID card renewed because “old blue” has faded, your experience should be with a proficient and friendly professional.

Here at JBLM I have oversight of hundreds of civilian and military employees basewide whose job it is to provide services to the military members and families who work or live on the joint base. We’re also committed to our military retirees who rely on base resources.

I recently asked many of my coworkers, “When you shop off base or visit a business that provides you a service, what do you expect?” Putting themselves in the “customers’ shoes,” everyone said they liked to be greeted with smiles and promptly treated with honesty and respect.

As a customer of JBLM you should expect nothing less.

Customer? Absolutely. But you’re not just a customer. You’re a military customer; a military family customer; a military retiree customer — and we’re here for you.

Over the years I’ve been on a lot of military installations — and I guess you could say, “If you’ve seen one post or base you’ve seen them all.” But I want to make your JBLM experience different. Your visit to JBLM should be legendary.

When you drive through a JBLM gate, you should be welcomed with a smile.

When you visit one of our many facilities, you should be greeted with courtesy.

When you call an office, our initial response should be timely. And if you’ve called or visited the wrong location, we should do everything we can to get you pointed in the right direction.

Here are some examples of where we provide you, our customer, with “services:” welcome centers, housing office, military clubs, child development centers and teen centers, ID card center, military police, personal property shipment, in-and-out processing center, customer service mall, emergency work orders, gymnasiums, legal services, education centers, Army Community Service, installation access, museums and much more.

Throughout February, many joint base employees attended a JBLM-developed customer service training program to ensure we provide you with a great customer experience. This training will continue during the next few months.

This training emphasizes the acronym SMILE as a customer service reminder:
• Show interest by being friendly

• Make eye contact

• Initiate the conversation

• Listen intently

• Ensure the customer is satisfied

Beginning in March, you should watch for an enhanced customer-service experience. The smile. The greeting. The friendly manner. I’m talking about Golden Rule-based customer service — treating others the way you’d like to be treated. I believe that we will create value for JBLM through each individual interaction with our customers.

JBLM is our workplace. For many, JBLM is home. And for others, JBLM is where they come because they need a service that only we can provide. I truly believe we should create a successful JBLM experience for you at every employee-customer interaction.

My JBLM customer service goal is to provide first-rate service with a smile, and to reveal what JBLM truly is — a caring organization and a great hometown.

JBLM — A great place to live, work and play.