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1st SFG serves its Soldiers an early Thanksgiving feast

Published: 03:21PM December 3rd, 2013
1st SFG serves its Soldiers an early Thanksgiving feast

SSG Sarah Jane Roberts

Members of 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), conducts a Thanksgiving Luncheon for the Soldier's at 1SFG DFAC facility at JBLM Nov. 27.

Deployments, training, and being stationed overseas already keeps some service members away from home throughout the year and during the holiday season, being away from loved ones can be especially tough.

On Nov. 26, the 1st Special Forces Group’s dining facility made sure that the Group’s Soldiers, their families and those Soldiers who were unable to be home with their families would be able to get a meal that would rival even the best home cooking.

“We started planning for this two months out and preparation wise it takes about 30 days,” said Master Sgt. Scotty Ingram. “In the kitchen we’ve been cooking for 24 hours and right now we’re still cooking.”

The food for the meal takes plenty of time to prepare, but the Soldiers at the 1st SFG (A) DFAC have been putting in extra time to ensure that every year’s Thanksgiving experience is better than the last. With ice sculptures, a chocolate statue, and plenty of festive decorations, the Soldiers working in the DFAC have been preparing for nearly a month to serve up a classic line up of Thanksgiving favorites and desserts.

“As far as the art and sculptures, we started maybe three weeks out and we’ve been working 17 hour days to prepare and get it where it is today,” Ingram said. “We always try to step it up every year and we’re 1st Group, so we expect nothing less.”

Specialist Delroy Poll, with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st SFG, has spent several Thanksgiving holidays away from his family and this one was no different, but the efforts of the 1st SFG DFAC personnel brought him a little closer to home.

“All things considered, you have all the aspects of a normal family thanksgiving,” he said. “You start to compensate for the families you’re far away from, coming together like a big family and that’s especially good for Soldiers who are here single and away from their families.”

“I think it’s a great turn out and the food is phenomenal,” he said. “It’s great to see the higher-ups care about you and are willing to serve food in the DFAC line.”

The Thanksgiving meal was served to the Soldiers and families of 1st SFG (A) by the officers and senior NCOs from across the group.

“This is the main event of the year for our DFAC personnel,” said Col. Max Carpenter, DCO. “We have the best DFAC on this base and you can see it today with all the hard work they’ve done, not just the food, but also the ice carving and the choc sculpture, it’s awesome.”

“It’s the whole meal deal, literally,” he said.