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Army, Air Force EOD at a glance

Published: 01:30PM January 23rd, 2014

Explosive ordnance disposal teams are the same across the military, said Air Force Staff Sgt. Bradley Taylor during training Jan. 16.

So it was natural to invite Army counterparts to observe the EOD team as it attempted to defeat traps set up in a condemned house.

“I have a battalion of guys, three or four companies, just sitting there over on Lewis (Main),” said Army Staff Sgt. Daryl James Neumann. “Probably 90 percent of them don’t know that their brothers, who we went to school with, are sitting over here. We can train together.”

Neumann brought three other members of his unit, 3rd EOD Battalion, 7th Infantry Division, to watch as the EOD unit of the 627th Civil Engineer Squadron’s use of its mobile response unit, bomb-defusing robot and other tactics the team uses.

“Being able to talk the same language, and work together,” Neumann said. “Having that relationship where, if he can’t get something, but I can, maybe we can throw some of our guys into it and he can throw some of his guys into it, and it can become a training operation.”

Taylor agreed, saying that EOD teams have a commonality across the services. When deployed, EOD teams often are interchangeable no matter what service they are from, so they share a lot of the same experience.

“For the EOD craft, which is one of the few that’s cross-branch, regardless of whether you’re Air Force, Army, Navy or Marine, you all fall under that same category, that same badge. It’s pretty nice to have that, actually. It’s like a family.”

For those interested in applying for the EOD specialty in the U.S. Air Force, call 253- 982-0566.