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International Security Assistance Force

Election Day ‘historic’ for Afghanistan

Published: 01:09PM April 10th, 2014

WASHINGTON — With International Security Assistance Force support available, but largely unneeded, millions of Afghan citizens voted April 5 under the umbrella of protection provided by Afghan security forces, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said Monday.

“As far as I’m concerned, April 5, 2014, is an historic day in Afghanistan ... This was a great accomplishment, (and) it’s a testament to how far the Afghan national security forces have come,” Warren said.

ISAF troops served in an advisory capacity and made available certain types of air support and medical evacuation capabilities, the colonel said, but those capabilities went largely unused. The elections were a great success for the Afghan security forces, he added.

“It certainly should give confidence to all of Afghanistan that their national security forces are capable, they’re trained, and they are willing to do what needs to be done to keep Afghans safe,” Warren said.

“We are very proud of them,” he added. “And we’re very proud of the millions of Afghan citizens who chose to have their voices heard.”

Once the ballots are counted, Afghanistan’s new president will have to decide whether to sign the bilateral security agreement negotiated between the United States and Afghanistan. The Defense Department looks forward to working with a willing partner on decisions regarding the post-2014 presence of American forces, the colonel said.

“We will encourage ... any government leaders that emerge from this election process to quickly engage with us [and] sign this bilateral security agreement promptly, so that we can move into planning for post-2014,” Warren said.