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Water fountains have bad tasting water

Published: 01:56PM April 10th, 2014

The interactive customer evaluation (ICE) program is a web-based tool for feedback on DOD service organizations, fostering communication between managers and customers. A JBLM ICE comment/question will be featured each week.

A customer noticed during runs and walks around the base that when he would stop at water fountains he found some to have bad tasting water.

JBLM response

The Directorate of Public Works are in the process of checking the water fountains on JBLM for summer use. The taste in the water is because many of the fountains are out-of-use during the winter months, or seldom used during the winter. DPW advises customers to let the water run through the pipes for a couple of minutes before taking a drink. This should clear up the water and it should taste better.

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