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The lack of maintenance at JBLM dog off-leash park

Published: 12:49PM April 17th, 2014

The interactive customer evaluation (ICE) program is a web-based tool for feedback on DOD service organizations, fostering communication between managers and customers. A JBLM ICE comment/question will be featured each week.

A customer who frequently uses the dog off-leash parks beyond the auto repair facility said he was “disappointed” that the area had not been maintained. Dog owners themselves are not cleaning up after their pets, and apparently no JBLM staff agency is policing the area either. He asked whether pet exercise areas on base can be cleaned up and suggested the lack of maintenance was keeping dog owners from using the otherwise nice facility.

JBLM response

It is the responsibility of everyone using the area to keep it free of pet feces and debris. Directorate of Family and MWR does not have the means to police this area or clean up after pets and their owners. The DFMWR provides bags and garbage cans weekly for owners to pick up after their dogs when using the pet area. Pet owners themselves must arrive prepared to use bags to maintain, clean and keep these areas suitable places for others in the community.

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