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DOL’s repair record receives national recognition

Northwest Guardian

Published: 04:36PM May 8th, 2014

Although you probably haven’t heard of Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s Directorate of Logistic’s recent maintenance award, you might want to take note. The quality of the repairs the DOL team does could not only save service members from turmoil, but possibly saves their lives.

DOL personnel received a National Maintenance Program Level 5 award because, according to the Army Materiel Command, JBLM DOL standardizes every repair.

As a result, service members are safer because repairs are trusted to last.

“We rebuild essential components, including engines, transmissions, wheel assemblies, so if a vehicle breaks down we are able to keep the Army rolling,” said Steve Sawyer, National Maintenance Program supervisor at JBLM. “And we have zero returns, that means we always get it right the first time.”

One of Sawyer’s coworkers explained the postive effect standardization has on the quality of repairs.

“You have to keep Soldiers and Airmen prepared at all times, for war or whatever comes around,” said Chris Newby, work lead at JBLM’s DOL. “If they break down in the middle of the field, they could get killed; we work hard to prevent that. Being a Soldier myself for 18 years, I know how bad it is when your stuck without any supplies.”

Jamie Deyton, a distribution facility specialist at the DOL, works with Sawyer’s team for resupply. She said DOL received the award for Level 5 National Maintenance Program because of their consistent hard work each and every day.

“They cannot deviate from the process; they must follow their manuals verbatim and sign in all the right places,” she said. “That’s a big deal, and a lot of hard work.”

Awardees from JBLM’s DOL’s maintenance division, supply division and from business systems, were recognized for their hard work April 29. They received plaques, took group photos and listened to a few words from Col. H. Charles Hodges Jr., JBLM commander.

“It doesn’t surprise me that you all received this award,” Hodges said. “Thank you for all that you do.”

Being a Level 5 National Maintenance Program means that repairs at JBLM’s DOL are happening faster and more accurately than almost anywhere else. JBLM’s program is the only one out of 20 NMP repair sites nationwide to receive such a distinction.

“It feels great to get this award,” Sawyer said. “I’m excited to keep the standard going at such a high level.”