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Ice Box for May 16, 2014

Northwest Guardian

Published: 03:12PM May 15th, 2014

Training at JBLM pools

A service member and his 15-member unit were recently turned away from two pools in a single morning while attempting to conduct military training. What are the rules and guidelines for requesting a group military training at JBLM pools?

JBLM response

Equipment, certified instructors, time and space are all set aside for military training at Soldiers Field House Indoor Pool and Keeler Indoor Pool, but not Kimbro Indoor Pool. No type of organized military training, meaning a group of 3 or more from the same organization, is permitted at the Kimbro Indoor Pool. Soldiers Field House and Keeler Indoor Pools are available for military training once certain requirements are met to reserve pool time for your organization. To ensure your group is not turned away, you must submit two forms in advance. First, a Unit Training Reservation Request must be made a full month before the date your unit wants to train. This means no drop-ins. Reviewing the PT Risk Assessment form identifies the dos and don’ts of pool usage policy, which will ensure the unit spends more time actually training rather than being instructed in acceptable vs unacceptable behavior at the facility. These two forms and each pool’s schedule can be found online by visiting Navigate to ‘Recreation,’ and select either Soldiers Field House Indoor Pool or Keeler Indoor Pool. The risk assessment, reservation forms and schedules are linked to each pool’s site.

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