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STRAIGHT TALK: How did you honor the fallen on Memorial Day?

Northwest Guardian

Published: 12:09PM May 29th, 2014

How did you honor the fallen on Memorial Day?

Laura Schreiber

We went to Fort Lewis Cemetery & our daughters placed flowers on the graves so they will always know the price of their freedom.

Nichole Davenport

I completed the CrossFit workout-of-the-day "Murph" in memory of a fallen navy Seal.

Robert Vien

My wife, and I ran 8 miles for the Wear Blue: Run 2 Remember. We all ran for the fallen, fighting and family, i personally ran for SGT Brandon Hocking. Washington born and raised and buried in Tahoma National Cemetery.

Dhyana Towell

I sat my children down and discussed the history of Memorial Day with them and how it was started back in the days of the Civil War. We took time to honor and respect our fallen heroes of wars foreign and domestic as well as the heroes who have lost the war to PTSD. EVERY TROOP DESERVES HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE.

Stephanie Rhiannon Jackson

By thinking long and hard about what war campaigns I support in the future. Not taking others lives for granted is important.

Chelsey Eskew

Went to put flags on my grandfather’s grave today (at a private cemetery).

Amanda Lewis-Rodriguez

Some of my fellow Gold Star siblings and I participated in the Run or Dye 5K marathon in Dallas, Texas honoring the memory of our fallen siblings. My brother, Army SPC Joseph “Joe” M. Lewis was KIA in Afghanistan 11/17/09. He was stationed in Fort Lewis.

Jerry Daschofsky

Went to Tahoma to see my brother in law Jay who was KIA in OEF 21 Sep 14 (sic). While we were there we were honored to have respect given by Sgt Petry. I thought I’d add. Jay had a lot of visitors paying their respect.

Paul Mezentsoff

Sat alone and tried to not remember that’s didn’t work out.

Jamie Lynn Ebey

We went to Portland from Tacoma to go visit the resting place of Sgt. Bryce Howard, who was KIA in Afghanistan in August 2007 (864th Eng. Bn). He was one of my husband’s Soldiers and it is important to us that our kids always know that there are faces to the names at these cemeteries. The Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon is beautiful.

Lisa Vien

Joined in with almost 1,500 others this morning in DuPont and ran 8 miles with Wear Blue.

Crystal Wendy

Spent time skyping with my husband overseas, watching old video clips and looking at pictures of 2-23 tomahawks in 2007.

Julieandtheboys Lucas

Walked 9 miles to honor my husbands battle buddies that he has lost.

Ann Heneghan

We have to work today, but we remember my husband’s oldest brother who was KIA as a medic in Nam, and the friend my husband lost in action there. May they rest in peace.

Madison Arthur

Colleen Henderson and I visited Clover Park High School’s recreation of Arlington Cemetary.

Inspired Journey

Posted on my Facebook page photos of loved ones and friends KIA in Iraq in 2006-2007 from Schweinfurt Germany and visited a local cemetery in Houston which is the oldest African American cemetery here and placed flags on the graves of those who sacrificed for our country. Sadly this cemetery is forgotten so tribute isn’t paid as it should be paid. Felt proud honoring them today.

Jessica Turner


Melissa Thigpen

I did a wear blue run to remember 10 mile run with my friend Jodi Hodge. I prayed with everyone out there and I called out two friends names who are fallen soldiers; SGT Lorenzo Ponce and SGT Tatjana Reed. They will never be forgotten and neither will the others.

Eugenia Herrera

I ran with wear blue: run to remember for the fallen.

Jenna Smith

Today my husband and I ran In the Wear Blue: Run to Remember this Memorial Day! We honored our fallen Hero’s. This was our first run and I’m so happy it was for a great cause. At times I wanted to stop but seeing the faces of those that put their lives on the line and paid the price, totally kept me going and gave me strength! My God bless them and their families. 🇺🇸

Kristy Frost

I did the hero Murphy workout. one mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats and then another one mile run.

Tasha Smith

We pay it forward. We did landscaping and yard work for our new neighbor who is a recent double amputee.

Brenda N Thom Burke

At church yesterday, I put together a Remembrance Table of 4 Gold Stars from our town. And, today we visited the local Veteran’s Cemetery. Thank you to all our fallen heroes. Never Forget!

Megan Perez

I did my 1st run!! I ran 3 miles with Wear Blue: Run to Remember. When I felt like giving up I looked up at the sunny blue sky and though of those I was running for, who are near and dear to me, try definitely gave me strength to not give up! (Although they were all probably laughing at me in all honesty, they were all use to running, I’m not).

Veronica Ann

Memorial Day Ceremony at the Fort Lewis Cemetery.

Amber Bennett

We went to project Arlington in Lakewood and then to the Memorial Service on JBLM. We are now reflecting on those we have lost by sharing our favorite memories of each of them.

Denae Rachelle

I’m currently at Fort Stewart, GA will be at JBLM in August. Here we have Warriors walk. Trees planted in memory of every fallen Soldier. So every year I walk past Every Tree and pay my Respect for their Ultimate Sacrifice for My Freedom.

Stephanie Blackadar

Our family went to the memorial service at the Fort Lewis Cemetery and then placed flowers at all the memorials at Memorial Park.

Nicole Robbins

Every year, we visit a National Cemetery with our kids and take a moment to reflect on those fallen soldiers and their sacrifice.

Marlena Salgado

We went to wear blue: run to remember in DuPont. We go every week, but it was so awesome to have hundreds of people and so many new faces participating. It was fantastic!

Courtney Hughes

My family went to the wear blue: run to remember — JBLM Chapter Memorial Day run this morning.

Anthony Woody Woods

Today (May 23) at 1830hrs, Chief Woods (Joint Base SEA) and Boy Scout Troops 1 and 2 placed American Flags at Ft Lewis Cemetery prior to Memorial Day!

Jamie Overson Hudson

I will be running/walking 7miles with my family with the Wearblue:run to remember group in DuPont to support my BIL who was killed 7years ago in OIF.

Jamie Lynn Ebey

We’re taking a road trip to Portland to visit the resting place of one of my husband’s soldiers we lost in OEF in 2007. RIP Sgt. Bryce Howard. (555th Eng). Hoping his widow and their kids will be able to come.