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Ice Box for May 30, 2014

Parking areas and tickets on JBLM

Northwest Guardian

Published: 12:00PM May 29th, 2014

Parking areas and tickets on JBLM

A JBLM patron received a ticket for “Parking in a Lane of Travel” at the Okubu Clinic. Though there were other areas marked as “no parking” in the lot, where the car was parked was unmarked. The car was towed, a fine of more than $100 was levied. Further, the ticket was affixed to the windshield via a “packing slip,” which left a sticky residue in the driver’s line of sight.

JBLM response

A motor vehicle cannot park in the lane of travel intended for other vehicle traffic, except in a short-duration emergency. When JBLM customers park in a “lane of travel” in lieu of a marked parking space, they may receive a citation and have their vehicles towed at their expense. The vehicle in question hindered emergency vehicle response and caused a potential hazard to other drivers entering and exiting the parking lot. The parking area is tight, but there is additional parking in a gravel parking lot a few meters away from the clinic. A citation can cost up to $75 and towing fees start at $85 and increase hourly, so drivers might consider parking in a legal parking space, or walking if they are close to their destination. Citations may be placed in an orange packing slip, which provides protection for the vehicle operator’s copy of the citation. The packing slip comes with an adhesive, which can be removed with alcohol, WD40 or Goo Gone.