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STRAIGHT TALK: Is technology making permanent change of station moves easier ... or more complicated?

Northwest Guardian

Published: 06:21PM June 5th, 2014

“It was a pain in the rear when I PCSd last year!”

– Scott Mendoza

“More complicated. What was so wrong with the old system?”

– Justin Goelz

“It’s a pain in the butt because it’s always updating when things need to be done so you end up going in anyhow. Plus getting information is like getting put in a maze ... click this link that takes you to this that takes you back to the original to find an answer.”

– Dana Krizzle

“Horribly complicated!! The other night it seriously took over 4 hours to complete stuff because I had to call the support line 2 times.

– Amy Hall

“More complicated! I am not a fan. Plus this time we were unable to add the partial PPM. You would think that by doing it online that would be the end of the application. But no, you still have to scan/fax/walk orders and wait for somebody to review the application. – Windsor Redick

“Oh so much more complicated! I did two moves the old way, with face to face people, and two moves with this online stuff. I use my computer for everything, so I am more than shocked at myself for saying this, but the online system is terrible!

Slow and laggy system, coupled with a terribly unfriendly user interface, I felt like I needed a degree in rocket science to work through the moving process.”

– Donna Jensen

“The moving site was way too complicated. DTS is bad, but the moving site is completely unusable, requiring me to go to the counter three times to get all the right documents filled out correctly ... And don’t get me started on the claims ... it became some overwhelming I just gave upand decided to eat the damages ... because weeks of your time is not worth the couple hundred bucks.”

– Jason Potter

“Face to face was WAY better! 3 websites run for and by the govt that have yet to be helpful? AKO, ObamaCare and PCS sites!”

– Tasha Smith