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STRAIGHT TALK: June is DOD Pride Month. How should JBLM celebrate LGBT pride this month?

Published: 05:10PM June 12th, 2014

“Not too long ago there was not equality in the military for this group. They faced discharge just for being who they are. So the DOD having this month to show that they do stand behind their LGTB Soldiers, and support them as they have always supported their straight Soldiers, shows a great united front. I hope people who have not been fully educated on the situation, will in time learn.”

– Ashley Bresnahan

“It’s GLB, the Army doesn’t do the T. That’s still a discharge.”

– Kailey Burrus

“Every day is straight day. People are bullied, cajoled, and intimidated daily even now for being different from straight. This recognition will hopefully no longer be needed in the future — but for now, sadly it is needed. And welcomed by those who live in a straight world daily as LGBT.”

– Lisa Pearson Crowder

“They fight they give their lives the same as any Soldier would do. So treat them the same, even if your personal belief is different. These men and women deserve the best.”

– Dixie Baker Stevens