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STRAIGHT TALK: How do you rate parking on JBLM? Are all reserved courtesy spaces necessary?

Northwest Guardian

Published: 04:47PM June 19th, 2014

“Instead of base beautification I think money will be well spent on parking spots especially at Madigan.”

– RiaNne Stillwell

“I for one would like to know why there are so many expectant mother parking I thought exercise was good for them we have handicap plates and there never is parking available but lots of mothers available especially at MCChord commissary more reserved for this commander, that officer and any other person they think is important.”

– Betty Camire

“The Waller Hall, Library, JAG parking is crazy, there are never open spots. Being where it is though, I don’t see anything else that can be done.”

- Megan Perez

“My motto is “Park and Walk!” No point in complaining about parking, or lack there of, when we could all use a little more exercise.”

– Amanda Fletcher Dupont

“I think we have a lot of parking on this base, now cart returns — that would be useful.”

– Cody Hutcheson

“Yeah for parking. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Not every pl psg supply Sgt. Training room nco. And other random titles should have assigned parking. And be able to yell at another soldier if someone is in their spot. It’s ridiculous. Coming to work I have to search for a spot. And the ones that are open are ones that are assigned to people that aren’t even showing up half the time. How about no assigned parking for people that don’t matter.”

– Danny Brown

“I think sometimes there isn’t enough regular parking spaces and I will agree to disagree on the not enough handicap... In Lewis I know there is plenty and have you been 38 weeks additional 40 lbs with swollen legs and feet. You may as well be handicap. I only used it when I needed to. Majority of the time hubby parked farther out because we had a big truck so as not to squeeze in and block someone else.”

– Karen Murphy

“Parking at Okubo is horrid.”

– Cynthia Alston Wood

“Madigan parking is horrible.”

– Cathy McRae

“Let’s talk about the lack of handicapped parking spaces in and around much of the base. Many of the buildings fail to meet the minimum requirements set forth in the ADA.”

– David Snowis Simons

“Okubo clinic parking, and the parking at the Lancer dining facility is hardly adequate! If I don’t live in the barracks, am I not suppose to eat at the dining facility, because bad on the parking, it sure sends that message. The courtesy spots are just that, courtesy. Unless i am mistaken (which is very possible) they are not assigned parking, and not enforceable by regulation. There may be some command policy indicating these spots, and that would be enforceable, but I haven’t researched it enough to know for sure. I drive a four wheel drive vehicle, and that makes absolutely no difference when there are no spots open.”

– David Carlisle

“Okubo has a huge parking problem ... especially since half the time, people going to Wilson are parking in the Okubo lot. The one-way sign in the lot is either too small or in a spot that nobody sees because every time I have to gonover there, there’s some idiot driving through the lot the wrong direction.”

– Amy Ottinger

“Melissa Bradshaw I would say call the MP’s but I’m sure you have tried that. I’m not even sure that would work either.”

– Tom Cummings

“I’ve seen what they drive. And when someone does park in their “spot” they literally take the time to find out who’s car it is or block them in. I don’t care to walk into my work. But when I have to go in to grab something it gets a little annoying. Not saying I want a parking spot. Just find it dumb seeing all these people with one.”

– Danny Brown

“The Military Police needs to enforce the post parking regulations. There are boats parked at the barracks, expired tags on vehicles, cars in no parking zones. The only time I see cars towed or ticketed is when someone way high up in the chain complains about it. For the most part though there are plenty of parking spots. Even if it means you might have to walk an extra hundred yards.”

– Tom Cummings

“I had the same issue. It was terrible, good luck!”

– Megan Dodson

“I just recently moved from there but was there for 6 yrs. The parking lot at Madigan is the worst I have never seen at any post we have been to. I had a lot if health issues so was there often. There was plenty of times when going to ER that there is no parking spots. My husband was gone a lot so I really didn’t have anyone to just drop me off so would have park in BFE then walk all the way up there in pain praying that I would make it in! I had a lot of back issues ended up having to have surgery so going up there for PT was the same way. I think the problem is there is really no where for hospital personal to park so they park where ever as well. There should be a parking garage for them to park in that way it would let up parking spaces met for patients to park in!”

– Kyra L Espinoza

“I understand that street parking in housing must be limited to one side, to keep open the “Fire Lane” in whichever side of the street has the fire hydrants. However, why are the roads not painted to show the parking spots, and to move the center dividing line over, to eliminate the need to be halfway in the oncoming lane as you drive around parked vehicles. Additionally, Most Military Families have at least 2 vehicles, and it is unrealistic to park both of them in a skinny driveway. Let’s widen the driveways, and leave street parking for guests.”

– Ben Barber

“Need more handicapped parking closer to the Hospital.”

– Margaret Cecilia Turner

“Parking at the tower which houses Labor and Delivery at Madigan is absolutely awful, even with the few designated spots for permitted expectant mothers. When I had a labor scare with my son two years ago, I couldn’t get a spot (even a Stork spot) and had to park over at the Medical Mall. For a laboring mother, that’s a hike. I’m due this fall with number two and praying I don’t encounter the same, but am expecting it especially if I deliver on a weekday!”

– Val Donohue Detweiler

“Sometimes I think there is so much self entitlement yes I respect the fact of 1SG, CSM and BC and above but with parking spaces cmon. Paul Mezentsoff Well maybe at madigan a parking garage would of helped like at Brook Army Medical Center. Oh here is a good one how about at the least in common areas just General Officer and above reserved parking spots. Just take a look at the 109TH MI parking lot there is a lot of reserved parking in the fuel economy spaces even a 1ST LT XO gets a spot lol. No offense pregnant ladies what do you do when you leave the post yep you got it no prego parking spots.”

– Paul Mezentsoff

“There’s no such thing as parking near any motorpool on post which is ridiculous. Especially on command maintenance days or days when we prep to go to the field.”

– Michael Nielsen

“your parking at Okubo is absolutely horrific, its ridiculous when you have to drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes just to hope someone doesn’t cut you off and take the spot you’ve been driving around trying to find. my mom works there and some days she cant even get parking, employees need to have a separate lot. and while im on it, the north fort shoppette parking is also a nightmare. Everyone knows that the north fort shoppette is always busy, there needs to be more parking there too.”

– Lindsey Smith

“Suggestion: Turn some of the side streets into “One Ways” and create Diagonal parking.... Creates more parking and cuts down on traffic (eventually)....”

– Danielle Davis

“I agree with the Okubo parking being a huge problem. And parking on the road in the new hillside housing...we have to put up with the people complaining because we parked in front of their house. They will go as far as park their vehicles in front of their house instead of their driveway just so nobody parks there!”

– Virginia Ruiz Cruz

“parking at the motor pool near D street gate is horrible, not to mention the flow of it. Does every company have to have motor pool monday? Okubu clinic parking is limited and so is parking at 2/2 Dfac on north fort. North Fort in general has horrible parking.”

– Sarah Beltz

“Old Madigan there are two handicap spots in front of CAFAC then six spots for contractors.”

– Angelina Christian

“I’ve seen what they drive. And when someone does park in their “spot” they literally take the time to find out who’s car it is or block them in. I don’t care to walk into my work. But when I have to go in to grab something it gets a little annoying. Not saying I want a parking spot. Just find it dumb seeing all these people with one.”

– Danny Brown

“What counts as a low emission vehicle in Windsor clinic?”

– Jennifer Foster

“I agree I’ve seen big honkin 4-wheel drive vehicles in those spots. When you ask the driver their response is it’s a diesel.”

– Tom Cummings

“Flex fuel count? I wonder the same thing.”

– JL Zedon

“It’s counter productive to complain about expectant mother parking, it is a courtesy and not knowing the condition of their pregnancy? Just makes it sound catty. That having been said, there is a need at multiple points on base/post that need more handicap parking.”

– Tasha Smith