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STRAIGHT TALK: Where does July 4 rank in importance for you among all national holidays?

Northwest Guardian

Published: 04:35PM June 26th, 2014

“We used to love Independence Day celebrations, however after back to back deployments the sound of fireworks is something my husband can no longer handle. Sadly, this makes for a very stressful holiday now.”

– Connie Christie Beynon

“As for what the holiday means, 4th of July is number one in our book! We are so thankful to live in this country. However, the actual celebrating is further down the list because the sounds of the fireworks can cause some tension due to deployments and tiny children who don’t understand why loud noises are going off past their bed times.”

– Brianna Treadwell

“4th all the way is #1 because it has nothing to do with any God or religion. It is the one holiday that no American should have arguments about based on faith. Even if the idealism of its meaning is or isn’t dead today, we should still be able to agree the idea was right; just maybe not our execution of it at times.”

– Dwayne Talkington