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STRAIGHT TALK: When was the last time you saw someone doing something really unsafe?

Northwest Guardian

Published: 04:50PM July 3rd, 2014

“The biggest issue I see it’s drivers driving to fast. Really it’s summer time kids are out of school and are running around all over the place... I yell at them to slow down. Speed limit should be 10 mph though the housing especially where there it’s parks. No matter how old the kids are they don’t look before crossing the street. I have seen many teens just run with out looking ... the cops need to been seen more often.”

– Katrina Tibik

“A person on my street drives with little kids (ages 2-7) unbuckled and hanging out the windows of the truck. So far I haven’t done anything because by the time I can get my phone to call the police they are gone. It is so frustrating and infuriating to see this behavior with not only their kids, but other people’s as well.”

– Marlena Salgado

“I see people on their cell phones on base very often but if the MP’s aren’t going to do anything about it ... what can I do? Policy has been out for a very long time but I observe the behavior everyday on my commute to or from work.”

– Tom Schmidt