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Relax and challenge your knowledge near JBLM

Northwest Guardian

Published: 12:00AM August 7th, 2014
More information


The Office Bar & Grill

813 Pacific Ave



All day: 11 a.m. to close.

(Also on Thursdays)

Lunchbox Laboratory

989 112th Ave. NW

Gig Harbor

6 p.m.


Harmon Tap Room

204 St Helens Ave



$50 cash prize, growler, $20 gift card

6 p.m.



2312 N 30th St.



6 p.m.

The Hub

203 Tacoma Ave. S



6 p.m.

Fishtale Brewing Company

515 Jefferson St. SE



8 p.m.


3518 6th Ave.


253-759 - 1999

8 p.m.

Check the Facebook page to see what the topic is

The Forum

815 Pacific Ave.



8:30 p.m.


Dorky’s Bar Arcade

754 Pacific Ave



Times vary

All ages


210 Garfield St. South


253-538 - 0202

7 p.m.

Check the Facebook page to see what the topic is


5275 Olympic Dr NW Suite 101

Gig Harbor


7 p.m.

Charlie’s Bar and Grill

620 4th Ave. E



8 p.m.

Doyle’s Public House

208 St Helens Ave



8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Maximum team size is six.

The Ram Restaurant & Brewery

3001 Ruston Way



9 p.m.


The Office

813 Pacific Ave



7 p.m.

(Also on Mondays)


4870 Yelm Highway


8 p.m.

Check the Facebook page to see what the topic is.

A loud voice booms through a crowded bar full of patrons eating, drinking and listening intently with pencils in hand.

“What actor starred in ‘Hang ‘Em High’ and ‘High Plains Drifter’?”

Several tables full of people fall silent, some whispering, others nodding, shaking their heads or staring off in thought. Someone scribbles their team’s answer down on a paper in front of them as the question is repeated. After another 30 seconds or so, trivia host Keith Wheaton, microphone in hand, asks the Harmon Tap Room Monday night crowd another question. It’s 7 p.m. and trivia night has just begun and shouting out the correct answer of “Clint Eastwood” is frowned upon.

Trivia nights happen throughout the week at restaurants near Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Although most are only for those old enough to drink, Dorky’s in Tacoma is open for all ages, but doesn’t do trivia every week. Prizes for quiz masters vary to $15 gift cards to glasses to ski trips, depending on the level of competition.

Chad, who is in the National Guard and a master sergeant in the Air Force and and his wife, Rhonda Warren, a lab technician at Tacoma General Hospital, are not rabid trivia geeks. However, when her Mom takes their three kids so they can have a dinner alone and they happen to find trivia, they go for it. While his expertise lies in beer, airplanes and Shakespeare, Rhonda tends to stick toward medical and science questions.

“Basically, he puts down 90 percent of it and I tackle anything he’s stumped on,” Rhonda said with a smile.

They both agreed they usually know movies that came out before 1995. Since then, they have become experts in shows like “Dora the Explorer” and “Calliou,” along with their kids.

With this expertise, the Warrens won a growler one night after receiving 17 out of the 20 points per round.

“We’re not that into the competition. You often run into groups that will do this bar trivia circuit and know everything,” he said. “We just like to do it for fun and if it’s going on while we’re here, great.”

Harmon Tap Room’s trivia theme for the night was “Highs and Lows,” which means all of the questions related to these words or concepts. Many of the team names reflected the theme, such as the Warrens’ team “High don’t low the answer.”

However, not every place does themes. It depends on who is doling out the questions. Although Harmon Tap Room’s question host on Monday nights came from inside the company and also works in the kitchen as a cook, other places have outside companies come in to run it.

Fishtale Ale Brewery in Olympia is one of many area trivia haunts using Geeks Who Drink, a business found in more than 30 states across the country that hosts trivia nights in pubs. Every host pub shows up on, with recaps of team progress and photos posted the day after a game night. There are also opportunities to sign up for bonus questions delivered via email that can net a team a few extra points.

Cell phones, however, are always items that should stay firmly tucked away when the pencils and paper are on the table. Anyone with their cell phone out during the quiz may get their team disqualified.

Team sizes often vary between one and six. Although not trivia experts, the Warrens agreed that larger teams seem to be the best strategy.

“That way you get a lot of different people together for more brain power,” Rhonda said.

Many places have a team cap of six, meaning groups bigger than that will need to be ready to split into two teams.

Back in the Tap Room, It’s now after 7 p.m. Although they didn’t place this round, the Warrens pay their check and get up to leave after hearing the answers for the first round. Date night is over and it’s time to head back home. But the night isn’t over for everyone. Another huge pack of participants go outside to wait for that familiar voice to call them back for round two, and hopefully a chance for another prize.

Interested in trying trivia out for yourself? Check out this list of places near JBLM: