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Family makes working at Madigan a tradition

Madigan Public Affairs

Published: 11:47AM January 7th, 2016

When the Shelton family leaves each day for work, there’s a good chance they’ll see each other before their days are through.

That’s because all four members of the family — Glenn (Dad), Jacinta (Mom), Brian and Crystal — work at Madigan Army Medical Center. The family tradition got started when Glenn joined the Madigan team in 2010.

“I came here under vocational rehabilitation with the (Veterans Affairs), so that’s how I got my foot in the door,” Glenn said, a retired Airman who needed to retrain out of the emergency management field due to an injury.

Although he started at Madigan as a medical support assistant, Glenn has since worked his way up to serving as an obstetrics and gynecology health benefits adviser. He helps about 1,000 pregnant patients understand their TRICARE benefits and work through issues such as extensions of their care and specialty referrals.

Before Glenn started at Madigan, Jacinta was holding down two jobs at a child development center and an off-base hotel. With her background as a cook, she soon started looking for a full-time job in Madigan’s dining facility in 2012.

“She got in the door as a Red Cross volunteer first to show them what she could do, and they liked her,” Glenn said.

Now the dining facility is the family’s primary meeting place at work, as Glenn goes to grab breakfast and lunch, Brian visits after his graveyard housekeeping shifts, and Crystal sometimes comes to say hello when she’s not working as a barista in the Medical Mall’s coffee shop.

“It’s nice; we see each other all of the time,” Jacinta said of the family working together.

Meeting over meals became a family tradition long before the Sheltons started working at Madigan — Jacinta and Glenn actually first met at her family’s restaurant in Germany. She was a waitress; he was an Airman at the nearby Hahn Air Base. Between Jacinta’s schedule and shyness, it took six months for them to go on a first date.

“When you’ve found Mrs. Right, it’s worth the time it takes to win her over,” Glenn said, who just celebrated 25 years of marriage to Jacinta. “It paid off to be persistent.”

Two kids later (Brian is now 25 and Crystal is 20), Jacinta is still cooking for the family, trying out German, Italian and Korean dishes. At work, Glenn looks out for opportunities for the kids — he’s the one who let them know about the housekeeping and barista job openings at Madigan.

“Gotta help your kids out and keep an eye out for them,” Glenn said.

Both Crystal and Brian are working to help with school costs, as they both plan to go into medical fields — Crystal as a medical administration assistant and Brian as a masseuse. In fact, Glenn is back in school himself, getting a bachelor’s degree in health care administration.

With the whole family working at Madigan, Brian said that it’s time to get their family pets (a Pomeranian and a Maltese) into the mix.

“I think eventually we’re going to have our dogs work here, too, as therapy dogs,” he said with a smile.