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Network Enterprise Center hosts security workshop

Northwest Guardian

Published: 10:47AM January 14th, 2016

With inspections later this year, security programs are a point of focus at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. To prepare members for JBLM’s upcoming Command Cyber Readiness Inspection, the Network Enterprise Center will have a CCRI workshop Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Mission Training Complex in Building 1240 on Lewis Main.

“We have formulated a plan of attack over the last months that we believe will be beneficial to the security community as a whole,” said Dave Goudreau, NEC information security manager. “This workshop will provide relevant training to anyone who manages physical security, cybersecurity, operations security, personnel security or information security.”

The workshop will not only be open to all security managers and information management officers, but also unit leadership and other interested members. Although August’s CCRI inspection will focus on Army commands, it will also entail all base agencies on JBLM.

“This workshop is to make sure the base is prepared with the tools and programs needed to pass the CCRI inspection,” Goudreau said. “This inspection will hold everyone accountable and security requirements must be met.”

To help educate security managers on current security measures and practices, the workshop provides hands-on training and instruction.

“The main benefit of this will be getting everyone on the same page and making sure they know who to contact for help,” said Peter Paul, NEC information technology specialist and cyberspace defense branch lead. “We’re just entering 2016, and we don’t know who has come and gone in the various security positions and what areas they might need to be brought up to speed on.”

The workshop will place attendees into different simulated scenarios so they can observe what areas they might be inspected on and how to properly respond.

Attendees will also receive training tools to take back to their units to make sure they’re following the most current Department of Defense mandated security measures. The workshop will apply to anyone on base responsible for a security program, Goudreau said.

“We are going to have people there to answer their questions and equip them with whatever they need,” Goudreau said. “Subject matter experts will be present and available to assist.”

“This is a very important inspection for JBLM. To prepare effectively, we need to find deficiencies now so we’ll have time to resolve and mitigate them before the CCRI,” Paul said. “This will help identify those deficiencies and address them.”

For more information about the workshop, call 253-477-0024.