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Straight Talk: Dec. 8, 2017

Published: 02:03PM December 7th, 2017

Next week’s question

What’s your favorite holiday movie?

Holiday ornaments are full of memories. What’s your favorite ornament and why?

“The crystal snowflakes my sister sent from Germany. She passed away almost seven years ago. They are the last ornaments that go on the tree, then I have a shot of tequila in her memory.”

Jeri Setzer

“My favorite is a small doll named Shiny Brite who my parents gave me for my ninth birthday. I love this little doll, and she has had a special place on my Christmas tree every year since. I love Christmas and putting up my tree and other decorations and, especially now that both my parents are gone, I truly do enjoy gazing at the tree, seeing Shiny Brite and remembering Christmases past.”

Ruth Longoria Kingsland

“The ornaments my grandchildren made for me.”

Jeri Randolph

“Bridge hospice ornament they gave me when my mom passed away.”

Ryan Brightman

“Bottle opener ornament so I can drink my sorrows away.”

William Andrew Suttor

“A round pink “baby’s first Christmas” ornament was given to me by my aunt when I was a couple months old. I still have it!”

Pamela Kulokas