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2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division

Finding tomorrow’s leaders today at UW

2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs

Published: 03:30PM January 25th, 2018

A group of officers stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord took the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience to a campus full of future Army leaders Jan. 17.

Lieutenants and captains from various 7th Infantry Division units from JBLM representing different Army branches, partnered with the University of Washington’s Army ROTC to assist cadets to better understand the different careers available to them.

“Our goal was to bring in young, relatable officers to speak to the cadets,” said Capt. Julianne Zike, a 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division civil affairs officer.

By providing junior officers, they offer a fresher insight to what these cadets can expect when they leave college and receive a commission.

“Talking to a lieutenant, just out of college themselves, but with a few years of Army experience, can translate better to these cadets as opposed to having senior officers who haven’t been in college in a while,” Zike said.

Throughout the day, cadets were able to speak to the different officers in the branches they have an interest in joining or to ones that they had little knowledge on.

From infantry, signal and military intelligence, to logistics, personnel and field artillery, the cadets had the benefit of talking in small groups and having their questions answered.

The goal of this partnership with JBLM and the university is to help these future leaders make an informed and educated decision on not what they want to do in the military but the options available to them after college and later in life.

“In our Military Science Department, we have officers from some our career branches,” said Lt. Col. Tevina Flood, professor of Military Science at the university. “It is great asset to have JBLM close by to give our cadets access to these officers and units as they begin to choose their paths.”

As freshmen and juniors in college, students are still figuring out what the future holds for them.

Army ROTC is not only dedicated to developing character and leadership in these young men and women, but it offers unique scholarship and career opportunities focused on building leaders for our nation and helping them become leaders for life.

Whether they choose to make a career out of military service or just to fulfill their initial obligations, the cadre of the Military Science Department and the Soldiers of JBLM want to equip the next generation of leaders with the tools they need to be successful.