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Straight Talk: Jan. 26, 2018

Published: 03:09PM January 25th, 2018

Next week’s question

What does African-American History Month mean to you?

What’s the silliest thing your child has ever said?

“My son sneezed, so my husband said ‘gesundheit.’ My son said, ‘What? I did hold on tight!’”

Sarah Dawn

“My son, age 4, walked into the maternity room after his sister was born, looked up at the ceiling and demanded, ‘Where’s the birth canal?!’ I guess he envisioned a large twirling slide.”

Jodi Barney Larsen

“My son, age 4, is learning the Pledge of Allegiance. Today he was practicing, and it sounded great until he got to the end, ‘with the birdies and juices for all.’”

Brie Sierakowski

“When people inquire whether my 3-year-old is allergic to anything, he informs them he is allergic to ‘branch dressing.’ It makes his head fall off.”

Nina Murphy

“I was putting my 4-year-old daughter in time out and she said, ‘When I get big and you get little!’”

Jan Picatti Baker

“Our kids used to sing ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:’ ‘Then they shouted out with fleas.’”

Kim Kerwood