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Straight Talk: Feb. 2, 2018

Published: 02:16PM February 1st, 2018

Next week’s question

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

How do you stay dry and happy during the rainy season?

“When it starts to get to me, I will crack my window at night so I can fall asleep to the sound. It’s so soothing and calming — makes me not resent it in the morning.”

Anna Bruun

“I sit and read by a happy light, use the gym and take deliberate walks in the rain to splash puddles.”

Linda Shublak

“Hit the gym, indoor pool and hot tub, go outside literally anytime its not raining, and invest in waterproof jackets and shoes to make going outside bearable.”

Logan Barnes

“Forget about the weather. It’s just the way it is, and us natives don’t let it stop us from doing what we want to do.”

Sam Lynn

“Basking in everyone else’s disdain for the inclement weather keeps me dry and warm.”

Kyle Moir

“Load up on coffee, put on a rain jacket and boots and go outside! Can’t change it; so join it.”

Ashley Bird