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Straight Talk: March 9, 2018

Published: 02:36PM March 8th, 2018

Next week’s question

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the weather stays nice for a whole weekend?

How do you rate parking on JBLM?

“Not many people are parking in the reserved spots. It ties up handicapped parking!”

Josephine White

“My spouse and I use the courtesy spaces for Gold Star family, but you have to register for the stickers at ACS.”

Jason Paxton

“I feel disabled folk could benefit from more spots, but the higher rank spaces could be done away with. Rarely do I see them filled at Madigan, where parking is at a premium.”

Mandy Eversole

“Parking at Madigan is ridiculous most of the time. Put in a parking garage. As for reserved spaces, they are almost always empty except the handicap ones. Parking at the actual units is pretty limited, too — usually just in some uneven gravel lot.”

Lauren Way

“Waller Hall has become a nightmare. Common sense should have played a bigger role before they shut down half the parking in front of an in/out processing building. They could have started with the library first, then worked their way over.”

Jennifer Musick