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Straight Talk: March 23, 2018

Published: 03:42PM March 22nd, 2018

Next week’s question

What have you purchased recently that you paid too much for?

What are your “nails on a chalkboard” grammatical pet peeves?

“‘I could care less’ means you care. You ‘couldn’t care less’ is when you don’t care.”

Alice Allen

“‘Should of.’ ‘Of’ is not a verb; it’s a preposition.”

Andy Jarvis

“‘Lemme axe you a question.’”

Rebecca Mares

“The misuse of an apostrophe! For example, ‘We are the Turners.’ Not ‘Turner’s.’ Using ‘Turner’s’ would only be correct in a statement such as: ‘We are going to the Turner’s house.’”

Amber Turner

“‘Can you be more pacific?’”

Melanie Jones

“‘I seen that.’ The only thing you haven’t seen is the inside of a dictionary. ‘Supposably’ is not a word. ‘Intensive purposes’ sounds super serious and intense. It’s ‘intents and purposes.’ ‘Should of,’ ‘would of’ and ‘could of.’ It’s ‘should have,’ ‘would have’ and ‘could have.’ The standard ‘there,’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re,’ and ‘too,’ ‘two’ and ‘to.’

Judy Monhollen