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Straight Talk: March 30, 2018

Published: 04:36PM March 29th, 2018

Next week’s question

Describe the ultimate post-PT breakfast. What’s on your plate?

What have you purchased recently that you paid too much for?

“A sandwich and drink at Midway International Airport was $26. I fell out of my seat.”

Andreas Cramer von Clausbruch

“A house. This market is rough.”

Lacey White Russell

“$440 for a wallet.”

Robert Tindell

“The commissary two days before until two days after payday. Pay attention folks.”

Philip Rishell

“New pipes from my water main to the house after a leak. Sure I got screwed, but what can you do? Twenty-four hours without water was not fun!”

Andrea Lynne

“On base housing. Rooms are smaller than my barracks room I had at Fort Carson.”

Mahareasha Nichole Cook

“A dozen eggs. Nice how they jack up the prices the week before Easter!”

Wendy Head-Chapman

“My 2001 v6 automatic Chevy Camaro: 187,000 miles for $14,000.”

Jacob Cutrell