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News in Brief: April 20, 2018

Published: 02:30PM April 19th, 2018

The SSMCP Survey to help shape the on- and off-base partnership

Service members and Department of Defense civilians are being asked to complete South Sound Military, Communities Partnership Survey providing base and community leaders a better understanding of the ways the South Sound community supports the military.

Surveys were sent out Sunday. The 10-minute anonymous and confidential survey has 25 questions. It is seeking information about simple demographic data, including opinions about locally available services and programs — like preferences in housing, driving habits, shopping and recreation needs.

A few respondents could be picked at random between Sunday and May 15 to win a $500 gift card from local retailers. Officials ask that only one survey be filled out per household.

The survey will be compiled and used to help strategically shape the military-civilian partnership for the future.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord Public Affairs Office

CID seeks a few qualified officers to join its warrant officer ranks

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command is seeking first lieutenants and captains, from all military occupational specialties, interested in becoming CID special agents to submit applications to transition to a CID special agent warrant officer, MOS 311A.

Lisa Dodd, chief of Special Agent Accessions Branch, said applications will be accepted through May 18.

Approved applications will be considered by the warrant officer accession board which convenes in July, so qualified applicants are encouraged to visit the closest regular Army CID office to start the process as soon as possible. Dodd said applicants do not have to have a police background; it’s not a requirement to qualify and be accepted into this specialized program.

A complete list of CID offices can be found at

In addition to the CID Agent application, qualified officers must also prepare a warrant officer application. The warrant officer application and the CID application and packet submission checklist are available at your local CID office.

The warrant officer application requirements, packet submission checklist, and Warrant Officer Recruiting Team points of contact are located on the U.S. Army Recruiting Command website at

For more information, visit

U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command

TippyToes and Full Circle Market label lines new in commissaries

Two private label product lines have joined the Defense Commissary Agency’s family of commissary brands, adding organic baby food and organic vegetables to its growing inventory of low-cost, national brand equivalents.

Since April 1, the TippyToes brand of organic baby food has joined the commissary brand lineup, and starting in May, Full Circle Market will offer organic beans and chick peas, said Jennifer Ferrell, DeCA’s private label program manager.

“The TippyToes brand caters to babies and provides a line of everything we need to care for our little patrons from tip to toe,” she added. “This is a new expansion into the baby market as we offer our busy patrons high-quality, low-cost options under a name they can trust.”

“Full Circle Market is a complimentary expansion to our Freedom’s Choice vegetable line, giving our patrons a trustworthy, affordable and high-quality organic selection,” Ferrell said. “We continue to search for additional organic choices for our patrons and intend to grow this line further.”

Full Circle Market and TippyToes are now part of the DeCA commissary brand lineup that also includes Freedom’s Choice for food items, HomeBase for nonfood items and TopCare for health and beauty care products.

“We are excited to welcome these two new brands to DeCA,” Ferrell said. “With every new item we are offering our patrons more options to maximize their benefit with commissary brands that provide the quality they expect and the savings they deserve.”

Defense Commissary Agency