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Straight Talk: June 1, 2018

Published: 02:15PM May 31st, 2018

Next week’s question

How do you plan to keep the kids busy and learning during summer break?

What should the speed limit be in base housing?

“15 mph through housing for sure. This base has the highest housing speed limit I’ve ever seen.”

La Donna Jackson

“Enforced is the key! It’s not gonna matter what the speed limit is if nothing is done about those who choose not to follow it.”

Mandy Mathews

“15 mph in housing. ‘No Tactical Vehicles’ signs should be in all residential areas. No one obeys the current speed limits, MPs don’t monitor and people are often on their phones while driving. Part of it is a base issue that needs attention and resolve, but sadly the other part of this is a sheer lack of respect and care for fellow military families by the drivers themselves.”

Jolene Ludeman

“15 mph and speed bumps. 17th Avenue on Lewis North parallels 41st Division, and too many drivers travel through housing at the same speeds or faster than 41st.”

Jeff Shackelford

“Get off your freaking phones, pay attention; your 1 ton car will win against a child. Slow down and use caution.”

Jessica Larry Mehaffey