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Straight Talk: June 15, 2018

Published: 04:01PM June 14th, 2018

Will you miss the base newspaper, or do you prefer getting your #JBLMNews online?

“Yes, we will miss the base newspaper!”

Teri Laurs Cole

“We will miss the paper! One of my youngest’s favorite things is getting the paper on our weekly shopping trips!”

Mandy Mathews

“What?! Oh man ... what am I gonna do for free fire starter now?”

Chris Lipphardt

“Times and technology change — but the NWG’s history of excellence in military

journalism will be tough to top. It was truly one of the last great post/base papers.”

Catherine Caruso

“I’ll miss the paper version. I hate reading on electronic devices!”

Christina Hall

“I’ll be happy to not get the paper. Ours goes straight into the recycle bin, so I’ll personally be happy to not have so much wasted paper.”

Lindsey Lin

“(I’m) actually quite sad. My family has been reading (it) since 2002 when we (moved) to Fort Lewis. Thanks for the great publication, information and articles over the years.”

Micah Gould