Straight Talk

Will you miss the base newspaper, or do you prefer getting your #JBLMNews online?

Published: 03:00PM June 7th, 2018

School is letting out soon. How do you plan to keep the kids busy and learning this summer?

Published: 02:15PM May 31st, 2018

What should the speed limit be in base housing?

Published: 01:27PM May 24th, 2018

What’s your go-to dish for summer picnics and cookouts?

Published: 02:44PM May 17th, 2018

What do you prefer, seeing a movie on the big screen or in the comfort of your own home?

Published: 12:40PM May 10th, 2018

“My husband made reservations for the Mother’s Day Brunch at the Club at McChord Field.”

Published: 04:03PM April 19th, 2018

You’re going camping for the weekend and can only bring three things. What are they?

Published: 02:17PM April 12th, 2018

“Best in the South Sound is definitely the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. In Seattle, my favorite is in Fremont: Espresso To Go.”

Published: 04:36PM March 29th, 2018

What have you purchased recently that you paid too much for?

Published: 03:42PM March 22nd, 2018

“‘I could care less’ means you care. You ‘couldn’t care less’ is when you don’t care.”

Published: 01:59PM March 15th, 2018

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the weather stays nice for a whole weekend?

Published: 02:36PM March 8th, 2018

How do you rate parking on JBLM?

Published: 03:14PM February 22nd, 2018

What made your Valentine’s Day special this year?