Directorate of Public Works

Nicole Glauberg inspects one of the rainwater cisterns at the General Dynamics complex on Lewis Main April 3.

Directorate of Public Works

Rainwater harvesting describes a process in which precipitation that falls on a site is diverted, captured and stored for use on-site as opposed to allowing it to run off, evaporate or infiltrate into the soil. JBLM captures rooftop rainwater in above-ground cisterns for use in urinals and toilets and in underground cisterns for use in irrigation.

Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division

Published: 04:37PM June 21st, 2017

There are four environmental advisers on the installation, and they’re here to provide guidance on the procedures to issue, store and properly manage hazardous materials.

Environmental Warfighter

Published: 01:56PM May 18th, 2017

In March the Environmental Warfighter program had an opportunity to participate in the Taylor’s checkerspot release.

Directorate of Public Works

Published: 01:48PM May 18th, 2017

Biologists on JBLM are monitoring this small bird as a proxy for the endangered streaked horned lark so they can learn more about using the GPS technology before they are used on the endangered larks. The small birds were caught in a mist net, banded and released.

Northwestern Joint Regional Correctional Facility

Published: 02:23PM April 20th, 2017

“The Rocket” is an in-vessel composter, a self-contained, automated, agitating system to process food waste — including meat and dairy — and a welcome addition to the repertoire of projects on this working farm. It will be used by correctional facility staff and inmates to process dining facility food waste from the kitchen and uneaten leftovers from meals.


Published: 02:21PM April 20th, 2017

Teams of bicyclists across Joint Base Lewis-McChord are gearing up to win big prizes with Pierce Trips’ Bike Everywhere Challenge.

Western Air Defense Sector

Published: 01:28PM March 23rd, 2017

Command support is evident in the energy and commitment from the team that Guards America’s Skies and is just as passionately guarding America’s resources.

Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division

Published: 01:28PM March 23rd, 2017

This scavenger hunt is similar to geocaching but with a different twist, the Lakewood/JBLM Rocks Facebook page posts photos of the rocks when they are found and clues as to where to find them. No GPS or special equipment required.

JBLM Directorate of Public Works

Published: 12:01PM February 23rd, 2017

Joint Base Lewis-McChord has been a sustainability leader within the Department of Defense since 2001 with the inception of the Installation Sustainability Program.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Published: 12:00PM February 23rd, 2017

SEATTLE — Songwriting finalist performances and historical societies and other group’s displays kicked off the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Hiram M. Chittenden Locks Centennial commemoration Saturday through Monday.

JBLM Directorate of Public Works

Published: 12:00PM February 23rd, 2017

You’ve probably noticed it’s a little brighter as you drive around Joint Base Lewis-McChord at night. New LED streetlights are popping up all over the installation.

Published: 03:06PM January 26th, 2017

Illegal dumping is rampant and unhealthy.

Published: 03:06PM January 26th, 2017

The GO Lewis-McChord programs will continue to improve and expand through 2017 and beyond. The system improvements ultimately depend upon usage and feedback from you — JBLM community members.

Published: 12:38PM December 1st, 2016

Specialist Angelina Castro, from the 542nd Support Maintenance Company, stands out as a JBLM recycling champion. She has been at JBLM for two years, and in her work as a hazardous material technician and Logistics Readiness Center liaison, she has been assigned to her unit as environmental materials officer.

Published: 12:38PM December 1st, 2016

We must respect our environment.

Published: 02:01PM November 3rd, 2016

Prizes up for grabs for a poster competition for JBLM students in from the first to fifth grades included Army and Air Force Exchange gift cards, Sustainable JBLM swag bags and free bowling from the JBLM Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

Published: 01:59PM November 3rd, 2016

Volunteers came from the surrounding communities, JBLM Fish and Wildlife, Center for Natural Lands Management as well as from the JBLM Environmental Warfighters program, a program that engages active-duty service members in habitat restoration, rare species conservation, and ecological science for National Public Lands Day.

Published: 01:53PM October 6th, 2016

Composting is cost effective method of treating organic waste diverts waste from landfills and creates a useful product for the community.

Published: 01:51PM October 6th, 2016

Working with host nation partners through ongoing projects this past summer, such as the implementation of refined incinerators in Iraq, U.S. Army Central has paved the way to becoming a more eco-friendly force throughout its area of operations.

Published: 01:53PM September 8th, 2016

GO Transit, GO Bikes and GO Rideshare are all part of this larger program, and they each aim to make transportation for the JBLM community cheaper, easier and maybe even a little more fun.

Published: 01:51PM September 8th, 2016

Net Zero Contest winners earn up to $10,000.

Published: 11:34AM August 15th, 2016

Sites managed by JBLM IRP include former landfills, former small arms ranges, leaking underground storage tanks, disposal pits, industrial yards and historical petroleum or hazardous waste spill sites.

Published: 11:34AM August 15th, 2016

Illegal dumping on JBLM costs the installation more than $350,000 a year.

Published: 11:33AM August 15th, 2016

During the last two years, 37 active-duty service members have interned with Environmental Warfighter program, offered through JBLM Public Works (Environmental Division, Fish and Wildlife branch) and Colorado State University’s Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands.