504th Military Police Battalion commander

Army doctrine defines mission command as “the exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commander’s intent to empower agile and adaptive leaders in the conduct of unified land operations.”

Published: 01:27PM May 21st, 2015

On Memorial Day, we remember those who died in service to America. Many of you will use this time to be with friends and family.

Published: 12:57PM May 14th, 2015

In 1978, Congress established Asian-Pacific American Heritage Week to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans to U.S. history and culture. In 1990, President George H.W. Bush extended the celebration to the entire month.

Published: 11:28AM May 14th, 2015

We may be a few months into the new year, but Madigan Army Medical Center is tacking on another resolution that we’ll keep working on for as long as it takes: that of achieving zero preventable harm in the field of medicine.

Published: 12:59PM May 7th, 2015

May is now well under way and with it, the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrations. This is the time when we celebrate and pay tribute to the many triumphs of the generations of Asian and Pacific Americans. For the 7th Infantry Division, this is a time to celebrate all they have given in their service to our Army and our mighty nation. Our current Soldiers and families of Asian American and Pacific Islander decent are still carrying on that legacy of service and sacrifice to this day.

Published: 03:36PM April 30th, 2015

Many stories about heavy drinking are glamorized, not publicized, or forgotten altogether, so behaviors don’t change. Here’s a story that illustrates the many problems and risks associated with heavy drinking.

Published: 03:33PM April 30th, 2015

As my 32 year Air Force career comes to a rapid close, I’ve found myself growing increasingly sentimental and reflective. I’ve spent considerable time pondering, savoring and squirreling away the memories of the places I’ve been, the people I’ve worked with and the achievements we’ve made over the past three decades.

Published: 08:57AM April 23rd, 2015

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month for the Department of Defense. This year’s theme is “Eliminate Sexual Assault. Know Your Part. Do Your Part.”

Published: 08:50AM April 23rd, 2015

The mental fitness of America’s service members has been a popular topic in the news lately, with The News Tribune, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and others exploring both the health of those we serve and the care provided by the Military Health System.

Published: 02:29PM April 16th, 2015

Two weeks from the end of my civil service career and my tenure as editor of The Northwest Guardian, I should come clean. I was less than excited Oct. 1, 2010, the day Joint Base Lewis-McChord achieved full operational capability, FOC, the day Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base faded to purple and transubstantiated into JBLM.

Published: 02:01PM April 16th, 2015

There is a conversation many teenagers have had with their parents.

Published: 12:55PM April 9th, 2015

One of the most important things that we do every day is typically one of the first things that we do each morning, that being physical fitness training. Yet as I travel to various locations across the Army, I find fewer and fewer Soldiers actually conducting physical training.

Published: 12:46PM April 9th, 2015

We celebrate the 240th anniversary of Paul Revere’s historic ride and the Battle of the North Bridge April 19. Even with all of our military advances since the American Revolution, one key lasting component to military service is selfless family sacrifice. Without it, I believe our service members lack the necessary support to defend the ideals upon which our great nation was founded.

Published: 11:22AM April 2nd, 2015

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are crimes that violate the core values for which each of our service members stand. Preventing sexual assault and harassment requires everyone to rededicate themselves to changing our culture to eliminate these crimes from our ranks.

Published: 11:17AM April 2nd, 2015

During World War II, many women opted to take on male dominated trades to support their families while their husbands fought in the war, a departure in an era in which women were housewives.

Published: 01:52PM March 26th, 2015

Check the fine print on health bars to ensure hemp seeds won’t bring UCMJ consequences

Published: 02:05PM March 19th, 2015

Often called one of the “invisible wounds of war,” traumatic brain injury is the result of a blow or jolt to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain. Anyone can suffer a TBI, it can happen on the sports field, in your home or on the job.

Published: 02:06PM March 19th, 2015

At Madigan Army Medical Center, we know that as a patient you want to communicate easily and quickly with your medical care team here. We also know that as important as your health care is to you, that you are also juggling it with the rest of your busy work and home lives. That’s why we’re excited to offer you multiple ways to communicate with us remotely to include via phone and online, on websites such as RelayHealth and TRICARE Online.

Published: 09:17AM March 13th, 2015

The Bayonet Division is called to the sound of the guns once again

Published: 09:18AM March 13th, 2015

On International Women’s Day Sunday, we celebrated the courage and contributions of women and girls around the world. The fundamental truth is that no society can reach its full potential if it leaves 50 percent of its people behind.

Published: 12:55PM March 5th, 2015

It’s funny what goes through your mind when you’re running late for work. You think about the work you have waiting for you on your desk, the emails that are lined up, the phone messages — not to mention how bad will the backups be at the gates today?

Published: 12:51PM March 5th, 2015

Lt. Col. Ed Saylor eulogized in View from the Top commentary

Published: 11:37AM March 5th, 2015

As I was reviewing some enlisted performance reports and decorations recently, I started contemplating a huge event in my life that occurred almost 20 years ago. In April of 1995, I asked my then, girlfriend, Tiffani, a fellow Airman at the time, to be my wife, for better or worse. We were married later that year and along our journey these past 20 years, we have seen many places, been blessed with two wonderful children and made many friends.

Published: 02:39PM March 4th, 2015

The Army surgeon general works to ensure units avoid accidents in high risk environments

Published: 11:30AM February 26th, 2015

Maintainers on flightlines need to remember the big picture

Published: 02:21PM February 19th, 2015

It’s not smart to not pay attention, disregard rules and do unsafe things

Published: 10:20AM February 13th, 2015

It’s hard to comprehend that the nation has been at war for more than 13 years. For most of us, the time has gone quickly, but too many Americans relive the attacks daily through the loss of loved ones. To them, 9-11 was yesterday, today and every day; the pain never ceases.

Published: 01:36PM February 12th, 2015

Leaders should continuously challenge themselves with new information and approaches

Published: 01:18PM February 12th, 2015

Crosswalks can be dangerous places on JBLM unless users obey the rules

Published: 11:54AM February 5th, 2015

NCO education and training is crucial to growing successful enlisted leaders